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FPCVirtual Network Inception - Transformation to Social Media Site

FPC-Virtual began as a dream to one day be able to provide online users virtual assistance. It was set out to help folks with computing difficulties & over the years evolved into a web developers network, that then shape shifted further into a Social Media networking platform. 

All this occurred as soon as the CEO & founder Mike Pugh had discovered for himself ways to develop & design websites, SEO secrets, and after becoming a content publisher on blogs, pro writing platforms and eventually learning the ropes to video making and getting certified as a YouTube Creator.

This business is the end result of over 9 years of blood sweat and tears on the web. 

"Anywhere from fighting the virus war single handed, to seeking for answers that would eventually lead to a better way to present digital content to people FPC-Virtual was founded."

The online Struggle:

Mike Pugh had difficulties in getting this well sought out knowledge due to the intense amounts of misleading content that exists on the web.  In due time we achieved methods to filter out the unwanted poorly presented resources, & instead found nothing but the best we could muster from making some in-depth research.

Us Today:

Today FPC-Virtual is now a Network Community that provides helpful tips that also hosts a great deal of web resources for the world wide web, and especially for those seeking to do it themselves, & by means of online tooling, and easy to learn tools for web design.  You don't have to be an expert to join us, and the results of your efforts will indeed take time, but the knowledge behind such a powerful network on the web today is essential. Ultimately we all can help each other here over time the more folks become acquainted with one another.


Cloud Computing Powers - Web Discovery & Cloud Exploration

Throughout the years at FPC-Virtual, we deemed it necessary to make it our duty to provide nothing but the quickest, and safest alternative to poor web surfing habits as well as unguided searches many people have out of plain ignorance to what works and what doesn't. 

"We are in the business of PC repairs & Network Administrations and this has been our driven purpose."

With Cloud Explorer (Social Curation Tool & Various online Blogs/Networking profiles) being set at the forefront of this new cloud computing industry. We made it possible for social communications to become our top priority and focus. Then we applied the most trusted third party connections, and professional networks as well as cloud apps features to enhance our networking tools for sharing and overall visual appeal as well as functionality. 

This awesome online tool is made possible by a website known as Pearltrees.

Pearltrees is a social curation website and network that allows any user to collect, share, store, and organize their web based content or that of other interests they find. Its also a archival system similar to bookmarking and web browser favorites, the difference is its on the internet rather then the web browser itself, and uses interactive icons to get the job done.

No typing necessary simply using your mouse, you can use Pearltrees to make digital magic happen, it also has social applications that allow for communications between users and teaming up on curation factors are there as well for group collaborations.. No more looking aimlessly for the same stuff on the web, countless bookmarking, and forgetting where things are placed, lost links, frustrated searching, all them days are now over.