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Basketball Skillz is here! 

For all things basketball related

(Players, Coaches, & Teams)

We focus primarily of Community building for the world of online and offline basketball.

Goals: "We seek to help online players, coaches, teams, and even B-ball leagues to achieve!"

  • Sponsoring team efforts 
  • Assisting Coaches with locating top players worldwide
  • Providing leagues needed assistance with scouting, & statistics
  • Bridging network barriers by social curation and effective sharing
  • Proactive response time to players skill coach assistance & train up's

Our initiatives online are true, authentic, and real. We're using social media tools, pro networking, social influence, curation powers and Youtube video to help make this happen today. Those folks who team up with us, are sure to benefit in various ways.

All inquiries are to be referred to our business email contact button below or in the "Sign Up" drop down menu. Please drop us a brief message as to what your interest is, whether it be business related or that of a personal nature. This is not only an online community, but we are also helping online communities to connect with one another with our curation tool, and to help bridge the online communications gaps. We host a Facebook group, business page, and Google+ community to make all the effective communications work. 


Bridging the digital Gaps

Soon we'll be starting a Google+ hangout location to liven things up. Also we're working on supplying a Facebook Live session for our FB community.

This shall help encourage more participation besides people just staring at web pages and videos alone. Thus bringing real time displays of these efforts, helping to raise awareness and more exposure for all involved. 

Stay tuned for tons more brave and bright ideas to come from our earnest efforts here at FPC-Virtual and with this new age basketball community initiative.

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