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Live Streaming Today

There are tons of apps and networking websites that have moved to affording their customers, subscribers, and members the ability to Stream Live video also known as Live Streaming. Periscope being one of the many useful streaming apps that can be found on the Google Play or iOS iTunes store. FriendLife is another and each of these apps or websites that implement such a Live Streaming capability have also opened up an vast unlimited arena out in Social Media for anyone to get famous, and well known worldwide. 

So why should you Live Stream? 

Short Answer, because I can and I will if I wish to reach tons of viewers all in one sitting. The funny thing is everyone starts off about the same with these online tools with a blank social profile and banner that needs filling. 

Another reason to think about becoming what is now known as a Streamer. Is it beats drawing blanks out here in Social Media where places like YouTube related to pre-recorded video is very difficult to get noticed nowadays. So the only other alternative would be to go Live on YouTube. It possibly could solve that equation of people not taking you serious enough to care to become a active or even passive subscriber out there. 

Joining them no name locations for Live Streaming might also be a alternative method to the more traditional approach of joining where the masses have flooded communications regarding uploading, and interactions. 

Google+ and the usage of Google Hangout which is no different from Live Streaming if you go Live on Air there actually has helped the world to see the possibility of using such video format technologies for business, for fun, for meeting with cool peeps around the globe, and to help bridge that well known technical divide where many are being helped virtually as far as tech knowledge is concerned. 

Making errors live is okay

Learning from other peoples errors is by far a much better way and approach to learning online. Some people don't have the money or tooling knowledge to reach and attain the great heights of digital excellence of every other person out here who's being viewed by millions. This is where FPC-Virtual comes in. We help folks to see what's possible and from the lowest budget as possible. Since we been literally running on digital fumes sort to speak out here related to not being able to fund our websites, blogs, tools and computing powers to that higher level. 

You can clearly see that things are still going somewhere by our video footage installed here and we'll soon be upgrading things once we earn more funds. We work primarily from home and so it's been a rough ride, but don't sweat it if you are in the same boat as us the answers are coming!

A great example for a YouTube creator or Live Streamer is poor quality audio. Yes my PC once was loud and slow as ever for some odd reason (I upgraded to a ASUS gaming PC problem solved). I have no clue why it makes so much noise, I chalk it up to the fact that it's a old beast of digital burden. However, over time from out of the ashes of this epic failure of videos I been creating out there on the FPCVirtual YouTube channel out will soon come a far better performance and much higher quality product due to all the hard work on the lower end of things. That surely included these Live Stream performances.

Improving viewing pleasure out here online is what we seek to do, and what we shall. For those who also have these issues of the lack of funds. You all know what I been dealing with all these years. Things will change for you as well as long as you never ever quit, and keep the faith that something will surely come through. "Rome wasn't built in a day, and with that in mind never beat yourself in the head over things you have no control over just try to adapt and overcome any and all obstacles." All great quotes and applicable when it comes to creating these Live videos.