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Online Web Editor Mike Pugh 

Cloud Explorer writes amazing articles about extraordinary topics, he places major emphasis on what's important to most people in life, all about today's digital technology, all web related topics, and cloud computing technologies. 

His favorite subjects are, computing, social networking, blogging, web design, how to articles, professional networking, and education.



Hubpages Author

Online Writer & Poet Rahul Rakesh

That right there is one cool bike he owns and it says a lot

about his style, this guy is one powerful poet and awesome

communicator on the web, check his awesome poems out folks.



Hubpages Author

Online Writer Bill Holland 

Billybuc is a cool dude! He writes with intent to help others in life, with awesome self help articles. Bill also creates cool useful Youtube videos as well to help folks learn to think more positive about many aspects in life. 

As a hubpages author he has mastered the art of sharing and giving back to those who enjoy reading his written works within the hubpages community.