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Making moves online: Success Strategy

It surely does take a good online strategy to get things up and running and going in directions of true success. 

What's the definition of online "Success"?

Well... for each and every individual that may appear to be different. Some folks are simply looking for an audience to view what they have to offer in terms of their creativity, entertainment they can offer up, and the likes. 

However, then there's those people out here who look to become a true online resource of uniquely well cultivated and cropped high quality content. So how does anyone ever do such a thing?

This takes knowledge, staying power, and the online resources to make the job run smoothly and at a steady more consistent balanced state. Why "steady", why not at an alarming rate, or fast paced effort?

Well... Because there is a thing known as spam, and it comes in various forms Electronic or Socially based. Then there's copyright laws as well. This is where the law comes in of that of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). 

Most Important To Know Web Resources To Survive Online - (Alert friends and family after researching)

Electronic Spam on Wikipedia: (Wikipedia Ref)

Social Spam on Wikipedia: (Wikipedia Ref)

Official DMCA takedown services website - DMCA Protection & Takedown Services (DCMA Website)

Definition on Wikipedia -  (Wikipedia Ref)

DMCA Info for Students (WhoIsHostingThis - Web Master Tool)

Copyright info for Students - (WhoIsHostingThis)


Online Resources Are Essential Today!

This page is dedicated to the average citizen on the globe seeking knowledge to how this online world really works as far as earning an alternative income posting content. It's for the mothers and fathers who cannot find employment any other way. It's for the countless youth worldwide looking to showcase their talent in writing, the arts, music, any trade or profession. This is especially for those creating unique content (Original Images, graphics, photos etc...) worthy of sharing to others maybe on YouTube or other monetized content publishing platforms online.

Either way more people need to know not only their rights to privacy here, but also what they will be held accountable for on any given online network or website (Once you join any monetized platform you either sign into a contract with them, or a terms of service). You can be flagged for spam or hit with copyright violations, if you don't know the laws that are in place governing online Internet social networking and content publishing behaviors.

This resource here will grow as time progresses, but for now you'll see the links that stem to each of the most powerful online networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google, SoundCloud etc...


So what about fair use? 

protecting your interest and others

There's such a thing that exists in copyright law that's considered to be fair use!

That means under certain circumstances certain copyright content isn't protected from trans-formative purposes of use. Fair use can be considered to be for the purposes of critical commentary (criticism of said content used), news reporting, education, and parody.

Consult a lawyer or attorney  to be safe before choosing to use anything that's copyright protected and that means everything you didn't ask permission to use and if you don't own it outright prior to publishing or posting.

Playing fair when it comes to copyright is a slippery slope, smartest thing to do is to contact the copyright owners prior to uploading or downloading anything. "The safest thing to do is to use your own content may it be audio/video, or anything visual, in writing etc..."

Click the image to the far right to learn more from Wikipedia or this link.


Flickr Creative Commons

Licensed Images

Learning how to use content and especially images is one of the major keys to unlocking Pandora's box of this online world.

Us humans enjoy taking photos of our experiences in every day life, that of nature, our surroundings, and still life at times as well. The issue with online sharing of such content is that each individual is entitled to their own intellectual property (IP) rights to ownership of such content being offered up. So that makes it an issue if and when others locate that content and choose to share it without the original owners permission to do so. 

On Facebook it's illegal to post content you have no permission to post due to copyright laws. However if you post anything of your own to the public news feed or anywhere on FB you're offering it up to the crowds in the billions online for free, as it appears to be now in the Public Domain as per FB's rules (2.4).

Some people are seeking out content that they can indeed use to help them get across a message in Blogs they publish on, and on their Websites, or from content farm style networking platforms such as YouTube, Hubpages, Bubblews, Blogspot, and countless others online.


You can earn some good money online becoming a content publisher but you need to have great imagery. Those with the most impressive visuals do well this is why so many folks seek out legally useful content and images.

This is where the creative commons license comes into the "Picture" and literally a cool network known as Flickr is one of the many where you can both license your images/photos, as well as locate licensed images to use for all purposes imaginable. However, you must locate the license type prior to using any images from there, and learn how to properly provide credit (Provide Attribution) back to the official owner of such content. 

This is something that can be located via the web page where the photos/image is on. (Upper left corner of the screen is the owners username, and to the right of the screen the info detailed there for copyright status needs to be clicked to locate the Creative Commons license. You can also click the down arrow there to download the image (If you click "Download" it will allow you to download the image select a pixel size that fits your needs). 

To actually locate images of the same CC license type to make it easier. You can use the Flickr CC search page here by clicking this link or from the drop down menu on our website under the Online Resources menu.



Doesn't the Public Domain matter?

You bet people, the public domain is a true source for commercial use content, and there's a great deal of web locations that can help you to sort through and locate which content is 100% copyright free. No matter your attempts to use any "Public Domain" documented content, make sure to verify everything.

Every single PD web location isn't 100% copyright free even though they claim to be a public domain or have public domain/copyright expired works. You will still need to provide proper attribution (Crediting original owners website, blogs etc... as per  the PD CC license states with link back and owner details) information in your creative works you produce and content you choose to come up with, with a link back to the Public Domain web location you got the material from if the CC license that issued to it states you need to.  (Wikipedia Link Ref)


Links to many of these legitimate online public domain resources are on their way, and let's hope more folks learn the ropes over time to this online gig of sorts. Creating unique original quality content is the name of the game out here, the more relevant the better. SEO training coming soon as well. Stay posted!