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Getting started on Weare8

Weare8 is a super cool social network and video sharing platform. It's designed to also help us all get connected and stay connected via beautiful story telling features they offer each member of the community.

Upon first joining you get to follow things that interest you and you can relate to or have a liking for. Thereafter... you'll be lead to your profile area. You'll need to edit your profile, no different from any other social or professional network location to maximize its overall reach and effectiveness.

Branding and brand identity works best in the social media realm, and so it will do your profile wonders to try and create a brand all of it's own.

Many more tutorials shall be arriving to the FPC-Virtual network here for folks to learn some of those aspect and cost effective, or free of any charges. Meaning you can create your brand identity without having to pay someone money.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Click image above to test drive it

How do I join?

Additional tutorials coming soon stay posted!

Weare8 Curated onto Pearltrees - Coming soon to FPC "Get Curated!"