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Welcome to Windows 8

Windows 8 has arrived! and its ready for folks to learn to master and enjoy using. If you loved Windows 7, well your going to be blown away by the cool new operating system, because it packs a massive digital punch in terms of graphics, functionality (Difficult to master, but well worth the challenge), and online apps.

The pricing for making an official purchase of the Windows 8 pro is now $199.99, and if you prefer to make the upgrade, which is taking a risk, unless your current operating system is up to speed with compatibility. To get the regular version the cost then is $119.99. To do so an option appears during the download process of Windows 8 Pro. (Make sure to back up your pre-existing files prior to taking the plunge.) Microsoft's official download (Win 8.1 and Pro)

Note: Costs may change and vary depending on dealer and depreciation value on software.

Click image for Windows on YouYube