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WowApp Connect on Google+ is a great place to interact and get discovered by Like minds and those who are networking elsewhere online, a highly recommended place to meet up

Mike Pugh - FPCVirtual, Owner


WowApp Connect isn't an official Wow web location, but is a community created by members of it's growing community out on Google+. We also have a Facebook community known as Wow Networking Team

The primary initiative on the WowApp Connect Community on G+ is so that everyone and anyone interested in joining WowApp. Has a cool place to find the relevant info needed to make a much more informed decision, and via the good folks we network with out there. 

FPC-Virtual has been doing this networking thing for many years now, and we found WowApp to be the perfect solution for the either casual online social person, or the most entrepreneur types seeking ways to reach out and to find folks willing to utilize their services. 

We have created not just a community, but also a place to grow out your connections, especially if you're in search of maybe a photographer, videographer, clientele, YouTube audience, and tons more online persona types. We're extending our communications to various social platforms so to not limit our scale and reach. We seek to merge networking communities all across the vast spectrum of the Internet and in Social Media. 

We present to you all a networking bridge of sorts. Learn more here about the unseen powers of WowApp (Click here to get to the Google Docs sales pitch)


Click the button or image below to navigate to the our WowApp Connect Community page.

Our Story

Joined WowApp Early January 2016, Community Created on Google+ the same time

We grow when you grow

Networking on WowApp and here on FPCVirtual can help us all to grow. We're tied into many networks and for the sake of helping more people Worldwide to see the truth about being social online. To grow using WowApp one must think outside the box, and learn how the fair sharing economy works. "Receiving Virtual Assistance from FPCVirtual helps with that via WowApp."

At WowApp Connect on G+ we help you learn the ropes. At FPCVirtual we bring your visions of this world to the YouTube audience if you wish to collaborate with us, and join our team. We all grow together, also using our Facebook Networking Team. Feel free to check out the links behind the Social Drop menu to get to that info.

  We're all connected today

WowApp helps us all to stay connected by way of chat, video chat, phone conferencing, and by phone one on one calls. We earn from networking together there, and mostly by using their paid calling features. WowApp Connect on G+ is a bridge to help bring a world of good folks together in a single place.

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